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That is not true. If you look at that statement very carefully, he says here in the little paragraph, number 3, he says that "A number of military equipment and troops of ECOMOG". Well, these are troops of ECOMOG. They have recruited them. These are troops. These people are just playing games, and the security personnel he is talking about here, I know very well, is Martina Johnson, and she is the chief of security at the airport. But she is a military personnel, and this type of information, they were not authorised to publish it. This is just a press report, which is true.

But no security personnel or security official of government would have publicly spoken about this. We raise it in private, but we would not talk about it publicly. Because don't forget, I had complained about this type of behaviour before with the late Abacha. We had talked about it, about these things stopping, and remember the letter I wrote to him telling him that I cannot assist in this thing because it would only exacerbate the problem. So this is not something we would comment on officially. The press picked it up, but it is true. They were evacuating people from Robertsfield; Liberians that they had recruited, okay, ex-combatants of ULIMO, and were flying them straight into Lungi airport to join the combat from that position.

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