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"Indeed, ECOMOG, being very conscious of the security and immigration requirements in respect of movements of persons to and from the country's airports, have never done anything to contravene these laws, rules and regulations. We are therefore baffled that an orchestrated campaign is being arranged to blackmail ECOMOG in the course of carrying out legitimate duties and exercise in assistance to countries in the sub-region.

Actually, what happened at the Roberts International Airport on Wednesday, 1 October 1998, was that a military aircraft airlifted a number of military equipment and troops of ECOMOG to Sierra Leone.

A total of 12 civilians who were confirmed to be Sierra Leonean refugees were, however, offered transportation assistance in the aircraft. This was after verifying the papers confirming that the civilians were duly cleared by the Ministry of National Defence of Liberia as well as the Sierra Leonean government. They were all subsequently referred to the airport immigration and security personnel for further clearance before being allowed into the aircraft, after they were cleared by Liberian security led by one lady known as Martina."

Pause there. Is that true, Mr Taylor?

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