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Well, President Kabbah is in a very tight spot. You have got competing interests and, you know, Presidents have this problem all the time. You have this interest, you've got this advice and this other person telling you what is proper. Here is a man that was thrown out of the country through a coup d'etat. He has been brought back to the country. His army is in shambles. There is a part of the army that is loyal to him; there is a part of the army now that is the junta, and you wouldn't have to buy advice at this time. They come in all shapes, all sizes and all colours.

And so I am trying to say here that there are these competing interests around President Kabbah now that have him in a position where he - it appears to be more about them and how they exercise power than what they want, I mean, as he as President. So I am just drawing this attention.

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