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By this time we are annoyed, we are frustrated and all I said was, "Well, fine". Since we are working for peace, we are on this now, it is the Committee of Six, and let me tell you what I mean. After President Eyadema takes over at the last meeting in November, Togo now becomes number six. It becomes the Committee of Six.

I've said, "Look, I am doing my best. There are no Liberians involved in Sierra Leone that I have sent. These accusations just continue to abound, so what I'm going to do, I am going to withdraw from the committee. Liberia will have nothing else to do with this committee. We will just withdraw from it and sit down. We will try as best as we can, lock our borders and forget about it".

Of course ECOWAS, the OAU, everybody objected and they had a special meeting and said, "No, we can't let you go, we need you", but we are just frustrated, okay. This now has occurred to us, you know, I just have to use this example, it is almost like a cruise missile when you programme it, you give all the coordinates and you launch it and it is flying 500 or a thousand miles and it's going to go and hit the target, you can't call it back and say please come back.

Apparently the goal had been set for Liberia and Taylor and nothing mattered. We were just - I am being very honest. We were just frustrated, we were tired, we had had enough of it. No matter what we were doing we were meeting up with these difficulties. We were at every meeting, we were making proposals, we were doing our best and we just could not understand and we said we are going to recuse ourselves, we are going to withdraw and sit down and watch you. Of course they did not let us do that, but it just shows our frustration.

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