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Our position on it is quite simply if the witness is talking about his recollection of the report that was made back in - during this time period in Liberia, the report that was made and he read, we have no objection to that.

If the witness is testifying based on what he has read that has been provided under Rule 68, we have an objection to that. The objection is twofold: First of all, it must be in closed session pursuant to the protective measures order; but secondly, he has no right to refer to that unless there is further permission given by the United States government for its use beyond the Rule 68 disclosure.

So it is really a twofold issue: If it is based on his recollection of the report, we see that as a separate matter; if it is based on the materials that were disclosed pursuant to Rule 68, that is covered by the protective measures order. That is the Prosecution's position on that.

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