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We see here that the material complained about is a mixture of matters within the accused's own knowledge and also matters that are covered by an order made by this Trial Chamber on 2 November 2007 relating to Rule 70 material, so we uphold the objection and grant the request for redaction, but we think justice will be done to both parties if the passage that we order to be redacted can be repeated in closed session if the Defence wishes.

So what we are saying is - Madam Court Manager, did you get the passage that needs to be redacted? What were saying is we will redact that passage that has been objected to by the Prosecution and then we are prepared to close the Court if Defence counsel wishes to extract the same material from this witness in closed session.

Ms Hollis, you have made it very clear the passage you want redacted. If you go back to that passage there are three lines under that that seem to relate to the passage that you want redacted. Are you happy for those to stay on the public record?

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