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"Well, you know this is not true. What is the problem?" He is saying, "Well, based on our intelligence we are seeing Liberians. Liberians are fighting. Our intelligence have verified the presence of Liberia fighting." By this time, quite frankly, I didn't really - I knew of the vast numbers of Liberians that were in Sierra Leone fighting. I did not at this time know that they had given them a title called Special Task Force. So all I kept telling him, I said, "Well, look, the AFL people are there. We know they are there. You know they are there", but I did not know that they had - actually, at this time I did not know they were actually hired by the Sierra Leonean government until sometime later. And he said, "Well, you know, this is what we have here, and so it is being reported." And for us, when it comes to government, whether it is the President or not, every time a senior official in a government, for example, if the minister of Defence, or let's say the press secretary to the President, whenever a senior official of government makes a statement, we attribute it to the government. We always leave that, and as long as the President does not follow up with a denial, it is a government position.

So this was not like Tejani on the radio - President Kabbah saying, "We have got this information", no. But once it is coming from government sources that the senior government officials like the President is not issuing an immediate denial, it is the government.

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