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There are Liberians that are fighting. Liberia is back in the war. There are armed Liberians fighting inside Sierra Leone supporting the different sides. All of these accusations are ongoing at the time. We are busy to the best of our ability writing and speaking out about denials. We are sending our foreign minister outside of Liberia to explain to the people. You know, there is a very - a terrible situation that is happening at this time and if you just take a quick look at it, it is - all of this time - and if we look back to evidence before this Court, let's just start from the intervention. Everybody - by "everybody" I mean the Sierra Leoneans know. Everybody knows that there are Liberians in Sierra Leone fighting. Everybody knows who they are. And up until that time, no-one is telling the truth or even speaking out about it. Kabbah knows who these people are. If you even read his statement where - the statement he made before the truth commission, he talks about at the time that the junta attacked Freetown he hears the chief of staff ordering them to counter these forces that are not loyal to him. He knows who they are. No-one speaks officially to say, "Oh, listen, yes, there are Liberians fighting in Sierra Leone, but we know who they are". No-one is talking about it. They hide it and hide it and hide it to the very end and keep saying "Liberian fighters. They are Liberian". Yes, we know they are Liberians. I am fighting tooth and nail in explaining every day what they already know. What they already know.

So let's come all the way to the return of Kabbah. Kabbah returns to Sierra Leone. He knows that these people are out there up-country. He knows that the Liberians are there, okay? So the accusations continue. Come 6 January, the same problem. Of course you know who they are. You know that these are Liberians that - they are either two groups: Either they are Liberians that were brought in and recruited by the Kamajors out of Liberia, trained in Liberia by ECOMOG, right on Ricks Institute campus. If these are not some of the dead bodies you are looking at? You are looking at some of those individuals that were part of the STF that joined the Sierra Leone Army to come back into Freetown.

I mean, why do you continue to give Liberia all of this hard time with accusations after accusations when you know who these people are, for God's sake? I don't understand it. So, yes, these accusations are out there and everybody is just tightlipped about it. We are not going to say anything. Finally, after everything, Kabbah goes the truth commission and says: Oh, yes, we knew about Liberians. But, you know, come on, let's be serious about this. If they had said this many years ago, Liberia would not have gone through all of these problems and Taylor would not be probably sitting before this Court talking about Liberians that he sent to Sierra Leone to fight, and one little feller what they talk about, he sends somebody called Senegalese. Charles Taylor wants to wage a war against a country, he is going to send two or three persons to do it? Let's be serious.

So yes, there are accusations, in direct answer to your question, but it is about the presence of Liberians in Sierra Leone and fighting and carrying on.

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