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So he is now making himself a part of the LDF. I don't understand this, okay? The LDF does not get any arms from Gbarnga. The LDF, I said before this Court earlier, was operating out of Lofa and some of their expatriates - I mean, their citizens in Guinea. Now, for him to say that this man is in Guinea and he is coming to Gbarnga to collect arms, that's a lie. That's not true.

The LDF operated out of Lofa. They carried out attacks against ULIMO-K, and they got some little assistance, because in Guinea there are also the Lomas in Guinea, but in Guinea they call them Toma, okay. And I mentioned to you - to this Court some time before, that whole Guinea corridor from Nzerekore coming on through Liberia and going into Sierra Leone, I mentioned it before, is a group calling themselves the Mende Mai. These are the people that constitute the Poro, we've talked about it here, and the Sani societies in West Africa. They are like brothers and sisters. They are Lomas called Toma in Guinea. They speak the same language, and these people are traditionalists. And this whole organisation that was set up were traditional people that said they could not permit these people to come and destroy their secret societies and they started their own insurgency in ULIMO area against them. No arms came from the NPFL.

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