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Now, on that same topic, that same witness, on 11 February 2008, page 3537 of the transcript, said this:

"Q. Now, if you know from, what sources did the LDF get

the arms and ammunition from?

A. Tell him, the start of the war, I told you, LDF was a

group formed by Charles Taylor himself. We used to take

our supplies from Gbarnga. We have our arms and

ammunition from that place.

Q. Now, if you know, who was issuing the weapons in


A. Tell him that we used to take the weapons from Charles

Taylor's mansion ground, from his armourer at his mansion

ground. If I do not forget the man's name, he is Moses.

Q. Now, you told us this morning that the political leader

of the LDF was a man called Yakbawalo. Now, what, if

anything, did you hear Yakbawalo saying publicly about the


A. Tell him, yes, I heard.

Q. What did you hear, Mr Witness?

A. Tell him that Yakbawalo has even spoke in BBC to say

that he is the leader of the LDF because the Lofa people

want their freedom. That is why he led people from Lofa to

fight against ULIMO. He said this group is not the same as

NPFL group. I personally heard that from BBC. That

interview, I could recall, was done in Guinea."

Now, first of all, does the name Yakbawalo mean anything to you, Mr Taylor?

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