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Now, moving on. Now, he went on to say, did this witness, on 8 February 2008 at page 3483:

"A. In the context of SBU's, I'm referring to the SBU

company that came there for training, I cannot say their


Q. And to clarify, what were the age group of these SBU


A. The youngsters that came there, the commander of SBU,

Supoon, was not more - at the time I know him, his age

was not more than 16 years. These people, these SBUs, many

- in many occasion, their age is 15 years, 14 years, 13

years, that is what my estimate can give me.

Q. Do you know how to spell Supoon?

A. I will try. I don't know whether I'll be able to do it

correctly, but I will try. S-U-P-O-O-N.

Q. And who was Supoon?

A. He was SBU commander. He was the SBU commander. He

was working at the mansion ground. Charles Taylor's

mansion ground.

Q. When did you see Supoon for the first time?

A. When I know Supoon was 1991. The first time I arrived

in Liberia, I know Supoon.

Q. And, if any, what was his rank at that time?

A. He was at that time called brigadier general.

Q. How old was he when you met him, when you saw him for

the first time?

A. I believe he could be 15 to 16 years, but I don't think

he is 16 years.

Q. Did he report to anyone, Supoon?

A. Supoon was at Charles Taylor's mansion ground and I

believe Supoon's report used to be given to Charles Taylor

himself, to my belief, because Supoon is a commander of his

own and at that time, wherever Charles was going, Supoon

used to be among his convoy."

Now, Mr Taylor, do you know anyone called Supoon?

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