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Yes. It's very simple. It's very simple. The chief is going to Burkina Faso, he leaves Gbarnga, that's the route that had been taken so many occasions. So it's very simple amongst the security personnel and the Gambians that were there to know that the chief went and the chief is back and what he brought. That would be very simple, because right there working with me, Yanks is there, General Domingo is there, General Jackson the aide-de-camp is there. So there are Gambians around me. And a lot of the security people around would know when I leave the country and they would know when I come.

So this information that he is giving, while the information is right, where he goes wrong is he is not on the plane, he's lying. He hears it. Now, what he hears is true, but what I'm doubting here is his presence. He is definitely not on the plane. He is not in the convoy. That's the point.

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