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Let's have a look at the letter quickly, please:

"12 July 1999. Mr Secretary-General, I am pleased to present my compliments and to express the gratitude of the Government of the Republic of Liberia for your timely response to our request for technical assist for the destruction of arms and ammunition collected during the disarmament process in Liberia.

As you are aware, a tripartite committee constituting the Government of Liberia, ECOWAS and the United Nations has worked out the modalities for the implementation of the government's decision for the destruction of the arms. The committee has submitted a report which includes the technical details for the method of destruction, a programme, and a budget.

Considering government's present financial position and its desire to complete the destruction by 26 July, the Government of Liberia wishes to request that the United Nations provide, or seek funding, for the implementation of the destruction exercise. Copies of the relevant reports have been made available to the United Nations peace building office in Liberia."

And that is signed by your --

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