The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

Have a look behind divider 42 in that same bundle, please. Now, we see that the letter is dated 23 July 1999 and it reads as follows:

"Excellency, I should like to extend my profound congratulations on the destruction of weapons and ammunition which is underway in Monrovia. Allow me also to congratulate you on celebrating the 152nd anniversary of Liberian independence in such a memorable and visionary way.

The active participation of the United Nations in the actual destruction of these weapons, and the presence of many Heads of State and government representatives at this ceremony, symbolise the international community's support for your act of statesmanship in ordering the disposal of the weapons. This decision also represents an important step towards curbing the proliferation of small arms in the region, and it is a clear expression of your determination to move the country towards reconstruction.

As you told the participants in the ceremony, Liberians desire to close the recent dark period of national tragedy. Please be assured that the United Nations will continue to assist you in fulfilling that wish so that peace and stability can return to a country and region whose people have endured suffering and hardship for too long."

And the usual salutations follow.

Could I ask, please, Mr President, that that letter from the Secretary-General of the United Nations to President Taylor congratulating him on the commencement of the destruction of weapons and ammunition dated 27 July 1999 be marked for identification MFI-255, please.

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