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"Collective pressure was critical in such situations. The parties involved had to be shown they had nowhere else to turn. The Secretary-General pledged to try to get the international community to support the economic development of the region. Hopefully, the spirit of Lome could be sustained in the years to come. For example, Liberia could help resuscitate the Mano River process. The three relevant Presidents might want to consider meeting periodically, even without an agenda, simply to talk. This would help suspicions melt away.

With respect to the destruction of weapons used in the Liberian conflict, the Secretary-General said this was a good decision that would send a powerful message to the region. The United Nations would help Liberia get its day in the sun.

With respect to assistance from the international community, the Secretary-General agreed with President Taylor that the international community had been slow to respond. In some cases, the international community had approaches that were not appropriate, in particular for countries emerging from conflict. For example, after the massacres in Rwanda, there was a problem with the disbursement of $15 billion from the World Bank because of the country's debts. Today there was a need to be more flexible and the Bretton Woods institutions, as a result of the Asian crisis, were getting the message, making it possible to engage them more honestly. Mr Camdessus and Mr Wolfensohn were good personal friends and the Secretary-General general pledged to do what he could in an environment in which the donor community was being much more stingy. President Taylor noted that Kosovo was not helping. The Secretary-General said donors had promised not to divert funds to Kosovo, but one could never be sure. Donors looked at the total amount of their foreign aid, forgetting that large portions of that aid went to only a few countries. As for the United Nations agencies and UNOL would continue their support. He had stressed to the agencies that none of them had a programme in Liberia, rather the government had a programme and the United Nations was there to help. That was the spirit of United Nations reform. A commitment to working together would continue to underpin the organisation's ongoing support for Liberia."

Then we see under follow-up action that the DPKO, DPA, DDA and OCHA were to be informed about Liberia's decision to destroy the weapons and to discuss assistance to Liberia with the World Bank and the IMF. And, Mr Taylor, in due course, did the Secretary-General make contact with the World Bank and the IMF on Liberia's behalf?

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