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"Overall, with peace in Sierra Leone, the destruction of weapons in Liberia and a resolution of the Roosevelt Johnson case, this would help the Secretary-General's office solicit contributions from the international community. By the grace of God, there had not been a collapse in the process. The notion that withholding aid would enhance the democratic process was foolish. It was possible that if he had not been elected, Liberia would have gone up in smoke. He wanted the Secretary-General to do everything he could to help. Liberia was receiving no direct government-to-government assistance. NGOs were providing some aid. And while this was helpful, it was also true that NGOs sometimes unknowingly got involved in political matters, and that was unacceptable. But as was said in Africa, a beggar did not have many choices.

President Taylor said he would visit New York in September for his 'few minutes at the podium' of the General Assembly. He reiterated that he was happy to welcome the Secretary-General to Liberia and thankful to God that all was well for the moment.

The Secretary-General thanked President Taylor for receiving him and for this opportunity to see the progress being made in Liberia. He had always maintained that for Africa to develop, it was necessary to resolve its conflicts. Nations needed to create an environment that would attract investment. All his efforts - his contacts with the private sector, his report to the Security Council on conflict and development - were geared toward this end.

With respect to the agreement signed in Lome, it was good that everyone had pooled their efforts. President Kabbah was grateful to President Taylor for his efforts, as well as those of President Obasanjo and Eyadema and all others involved."

Pause. Now, before coming to Liberia on 8 July, where had the Secretary-General been?

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