The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…


The discussion focused on the peace agreement in Sierra Leone and the consolidation of peace in Liberia. President Taylor stressed the need for the Secretary-General to do all he could to solicit international assistance for Liberia.


President Taylor welcomed the Secretary-General saying it was a good time to be in the sub-region. Africa was entering the new millennium blessed with an African as head of the United Nations and as head of the Commonwealth. It was good that the Secretary-General had come to Liberia just after the signing of the peace agreement in Lome. Under tough conditions, an agreement had been pulled together. Now that there was peace, Liberia would strongly advise Mr Sankoh to return to Freetown and establish himself there rather than in Abuja. Liberia would be naming a career ambassador to stay on top of the situation and would send a high-power delegation to President Kabbah to discuss security aspects, such as setting up a hotline between himself and the President. Liberia would do everything to make this process work."

Now, did such a high-powered delegation go to Sierra Leone, Mr Taylor?

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