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Yes. Let's take up at paragraph 1.7, please:

"On African affairs the two Heads of State expressed concern over the proliferation of conflicts on the continent and reaffirmed their full commitment to regional and sub-regional initiatives designed to manage, curb and resolve these conflicts.

The two leaders appealed to all African states to quickly put behind them all conflicts and wars so that they can devote greater energy and resources to the urgent task of economic development which will enhance the well-being of African peoples and position Africa to effectively face the challenges of the next millennium.

On the crisis in the sister Republic of Sierra Leone, the two Heads of State welcomed the ongoing negotiations in Lome, Togo, to find a peaceful solution to the conflict and urged the negotiating parties to achieve an early and final settlement of the Sierra Leone crisis. President Taylor and President Obasanjo were unanimous that peace in Sierra Leone can only be achieved in a climate of mutual confidence and respect. They particularly stressed that no member state of ECOWAS should encourage, support or commit acts of subversion, hostility or aggression against the government and people of Sierra Leone. The two leaders also agreed to intensify their efforts, as well as to consult each other more closely to bring the civil war in Sierra Leone to a speedy and permanent end.

President Taylor and President Obasanjo expressed their confidence and commended the tireless efforts of the Chairman of ECOWAS, President Gnassingbe Eyadema, to find a lasting solution to the crisis in Sierra Leone.

Finally, the two leaders praised the efforts of the gallant men and women of ECOMOG in restoring peace to Liberia and ongoing initiatives to resolve the conflicts and restore peace to Guinea-Bissau and Sierra Leone. They therefore called on the larger international community to further support their efforts by providing the necessary logistics and financial resources to enable ECOMOG to accomplish, in the shortest possible time, its peacekeeping mission in the sister Republic of Sierra Leone.

At the end of his visit, President Obasanjo expressed sincere thanks and appreciation to the government and people of Liberia for the warm and fraternal welcome accorded him and his entourage throughout the visit and looked forward to a return visit by President Taylor. This invitation was accepted, and the date of the state visit will be arranged through diplomatic channels."

And it's signed by both you and President Obasanjo, yes, Mr Taylor?

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