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It is dated 17 June 1999 and it reads as follows:

"Excellency, I have the honour to refer to your later dated 3 June 1999 in which you informed me of your government's decision to destroy all the arms and ammunition collected during the 1996-1997 disarmament process. In the same letter you requested technical assistance from the United Nations.

The United Nations welcomes your government's decision to destroy the arms and ammunition. Accordingly, we are now in the process of assembling a small team of experts who will travel shortly to Monrovia to assist your government. Their duties will be in accordance with the meeting that took place in Monrovia on 10 June between your government and the executive secretary of ECOWAS, Mr Lansana Kouyate, with the participation of the deputy chief military observer of UNOMSIL.

My representative for the United Nations office in Liberia, Mr Felix Downes-Thomas, will provide your government with further details concerning the arrival date of the United Nations military experts."

And the normal salutations follow thereafter, and it's signed by Kofi A Annan, Secretary-General of the United Nations, yes?

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