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Very briefly, Mr President. First of all, we are grateful to the Defence for the indication about providing the primary and secondary witnesses by the beginning of the recess.

In terms of an estimate for our cross-examination, we certainly hope to be efficient in our cross-examination. That will depend, in part, on how directly the questions are answered, of course. We would hope to be able to conduct this examination in four to five weeks. We would hope. We certainly would not take any longer than the Defence took in their direct, and we will hope it would be very much less than the 13 weeks, or thereabouts, of direct examination.

In terms of the three remaining requests, we would suggest that certainly two of those requests, 21-day notice and the two-week notice, hinge on this accused's testimony going into the new year, and we believe it will, given redirect and discussion about exhibits. However, the request relating to the list of the next group of witnesses to be called by the Defence by DCT number, not by name, we believe could be provided to us by the 11th at no harm. They are not putting them in order; they are simply saying that they envision the next group of witnesses that would appear, and that would enable us over the recess to organise our work in relation to those witnesses.

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