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Well, just - you know, just one. There's one intelligence report that I think the Court and these judges ought to see because - in fact, two. There are two. You have another Dutch or Belgian, depending, I can't speak their language, report. But also, the former Prosecutor of this Court, David Crane, who started this whole bandwagon, David Crane wrote the Government of Liberia and assembled asking them to provide a massive amount of information, documentation and everything to the Prosecution to substantiate its case following the indictment but before my arrest. I think that was back in 2004 or thereabout. And so in looking at all of these intelligence reports, we didn't - the Defence would never have had access to the kind of money to get these governments to participate.

You have this other major intelligence report that was released to us by the Prosecution and David Crane's letter also. One would wonder why they did not use it, but I think it's important for my life and my defence that these documents be brought before this Court, that this treasure-trove of information that they were supposed to obtain, okay, through that request was never brought before this Court. I think we should because that has to do with my own defence and clearing me that if they had all this important information from the Government of Liberia, all these major intelligence agencies, since they chose not to bring it, I think we should. Now, I know we have time on our side, but my life is on the line too.

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