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No. No, but don't let's - you know, these things are - you know, when they come up, we just have mention it. This so-called - let's just crosscheck one bit of information. This so-called mayonnaise jar of diamonds, which is not the case in 1998, if we remember very well, in 2003 there is Sam Bockarie returning to Liberia with a mayonnaise jar of diamonds. So if one concludes that Sam Bockarie entered in 1998, according to Varmuyan Sherif, with a mayonnaise jar of diamonds, he still has it. And even though he's outside in 2003, there's another witness that says, while he's coming back from Ivory Coast, he returns with a mayonnaise jar of diamonds. So this is all not true. So this drop is real. There are no diamonds running in and out by no mayonnaise jars full, that kind of stuff. That's not true.

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