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Well, let's put this in some perspective then. This drop that you mentioned, let's look at this, beginning with the increase in 1999 where it peaks of about - going towards 2000. That's the period that the Russian and Angolan diamonds are all carried as part of Liberian diamonds. So that's that massive peak. The drop comes into place when Sierra Leone, okay, and Angola become Kimberley certified. As a result, okay, the Angolan diamonds that are going as Liberian diamonds no longer are going as Liberian diamonds, so there is that drop. Now, this very deep drop from about 2000 or going on about - in fact, this is a little over 2000, this is the period that there is a Security Council resolution that banned the trade of Liberian diamonds. This is the period that we do not export at all where we fall below Ivory Coast; you understand? That's why we fall below the Ivory Coast. While this is going on, the Sierra Leonean diamonds that used to come through Liberia for the US dollars and whatnot begin to go through Guinea, and so that's why you see Guinea begins to rise, because Guinea is not a major diamond producing country.

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