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"2. That Liberia will henceforth attend all World Diamond Congress and participate in the world-wide diamond certification scheme being worked out by the World Diamond Council under the 'expanded' Kimberley Process as mandated by the United Nations General Council resolution 55/56 of 1 December 2000 as a member of and signature to the final communique.

3. That Liberia will request the assistance of the HRD to assist the government in putting an effective certificate of origin regime in place which should create the transparency for the flow of official Liberian diamonds to create an audit trail.

This request should be made to the United Nations to specify help from HRD to establish the certification process.

4. That government will aid the Ministry immediately to begin field monitoring and documenting production. Government of Liberia is to ask the United Nations for independent verification of production figures.

5. That the government should take steps now to licence two reputable diamond traders from the High Diamond Council to begin a system of control with absolute transparency."

Was that done?

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