The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

Yes, that would make sense. "... which would indicate that the statistics before 1999 was full of falsification. We do not have access to figures from other worldwide diamond centres in Israel, India, the USA, Switzerland, Britain, Johannesburg, Dubai and other emerging markets.

During our discussions with HRD, we discussed and agreed that Liberia is on track in kimberlite exploitation and would certainly want prosperity from its diamonds as a producing country in an important way than being subject to sanctions as recommended and sponsored by the United States and Great Britain on the Security Council.

5. That since diamonds purchased by businessmen from all countries are valued and packaged based on carat, colour, cut and clarity, we would welcome openness in buying and exporting from Liberia for the moment: (a), with appointed diamond traders by the World Diamond Council; and (b), before the eyes of the UN representative in our trading centre in Monrovia."

Was there a diamond trading centre in Monrovia, Mr Taylor?

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