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"Dear Mr President:

We have the honour most respectfully to inform you that pursuant to the panel of experts appointed pursuant to United Nations Security Council resolution 1301 (2000) paragraph 19 in relation to Sierra Leone and the alleged conflict diamonds through Liberia, we have held several meetings with the Diamonds High Council, official representative of the Belgian diamond industry accompanied by His Excellency Othello Brandy, Liberia's ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium, and report the following:

1. Only the HRD has statistics on the flow of diamonds from Liberia and have subsequently prepared a report on conflict diamonds with the Liberian statistics to the World Diamond Council and the United Nations.

Our review of HRD progress report on conflict diamonds shows significant reduction of diamond exports from Liberia to HRD since 1999. The report is very clear that Liberia has been exporting diamonds to Belgium, starting in 1966 before Sierra Leone starting in 1979 at predictable quanties and prices. That rough diamonds coming to HRD since early 1990s show high volume and high or very low quality which the HRD from experience can compare to Russia and Angola diamonds."

What do you understand by that, Mr Taylor?

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