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"If Kabbah can't control mobs, how can he control Taylor's opponents?

Shortly before the meeting ended, Taylor mentioned there would be a follow-on meeting of a small group with RUF commander Sam Bockarie who had just arrived at the Executive Mansion. Bockarie told reporters waiting in the hallway when he arrived that he had been summoned.

At the end of the two-hour session, Special Envoy Jackson led the group in prayer.


Taylor's message was predictable but unbelievable. He doesn't control the RUF, he is not involved in gun-running, diamond smuggling or deforestation. He obviously does retain some influence with at least some portions of the RUF and with newly re-armed Johnny Paul Koroma. Taylor is also effectively engaged on the UN hostage release, and we should encourage him. He seems to think he will succeed.

If he does, we should press Taylor on efforts to seriously investigate the rumours that plague him. We need also to be watchful for his influence on Bockarie and Koroma. With Sankoh sidelined and Kabbah weak, Taylor may use one or both to increase his influence in Sierra Leone."

Now, Mr Taylor, the note of the conversation as per that comment expresses a degree of scepticism about your position, don't you agree?

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