The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

"On diamonds, Jeter noted efforts to help the Government of Sierra Leone restructure its diamonds trade and marketing. Taylor asked if diamonds are smuggled from Guinea. Jeter said, 'Probably, yes.' Taylor asked why everyone made an issue of diamonds in Liberia and Sierra Leone, but not in Guinea. He said he wouldn't deny for a minute that diamond smuggling occurs in Liberia, but he was irritated by accusations that 'Charles Taylor and his carpetbaggers are surviving on this illegal trade.' Taylor then said he wanted our help on this, emphasising that 'We will cooperate 100 per cent to get this under control in all countries.' He then repeated his lament of having no friends in Washington.

Jackson then counselled Taylor to take these accusations one by one and address them, emphasising dialogue. Taylor again said, 'That's why we need friends, to have our day in court. If you have charges against me, tell me. We're never given an opportunity to defend ourselves.' Taylor then mentioned that Foreign Minister Captan had a copy of an intelligence report, about $12 million in arms off-loaded involving former Roosevelt Johnson and Charles Breeze, saying the idea that Taylor would ally himself with his former enemy's close friend was ridiculous."

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