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That is true. That is true. In fact, the company that I said I could not recall is OTC. OTC had investigated $250 million into Liberia. The whole point of this problem with deforestation, it was simple. OTC was one of the first major companies to invest. Such investment added income to the Liberian government. They were trying to starve off the government from any source of revenues, and they went after OTC. What was OTC doing? They built, for the first time in Liberia, a $50 million plywood and veneer factory in Liberia. First thing on the ground. We had set three years as the end of the export of round logs out of Liberia. We were going to break down wood in Liberia for furniture, we were doing plywood, we were doing veneer and everything that would have provided thousands of jobs for the Liberian people instead of exporting just cut round timber out of Liberia. 250 million altogether, and this was the company that they went after to destroy to starve my government from any revenue. So I just said - and we got upset in that meeting. What's this issue about deforestation you people are talking about? Let's bring in the experts. Let's go through it. They wouldn't do it.

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