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Yes, yes. Let's look at what happened. Koroma comes in, he's not happy that Sankoh signed this agreement. We work out an agreement that the SLA is brought back, okay, as a part of the Sierra Leone Army. That's what I mean by he's one shrewd little bugger. Koroma then had figured out once the SLA was a part of the government, he was in control because he controlled the army - the Sierra Leonean army. So what he did immediately, which was a good move, was to ally himself with Kabbah. Immediately from October when he arrived in Freetown, he and Kabbah got very close. This is what I'm referring to when I say he's weak, but he had now gathered strength. And who is being armed right now? The Sierra Leone Army. And who is really, really in control? Even though Kabbah is President, Koroma now is outside. But the Sierra Leonean army look up to Koroma as their actual leader.

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