The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

"Taylor says it also doesn't make sense that Sam Bockarie, who ran the RUF for two years while Sankoh was in jail, would come to Liberia for training (with mercenaries). 'This is disinformation', Taylor claimed, 'and if we had friends we'd be able to combat it.'

Taylor noted that Human Rights Watch is talking about the need to set up a war crimes tribunal now that the RUF had reneged on Lome. Taylor said this is not helpful to getting the hostages released. Jackson assured Taylor that the US government had not yet taken a position on forming a tribunal; neither had the Nigerians. Delinking the release of the hostages from any conditions allows wriggle room to raise this later, noted Jackson.

Johnny Paul Koroma - one shrewd little bugger.

Jackson interjected: 'What about Johnny Paul Koroma?' Taylor called him one shrewd little bugger."

Is that your assessment of him?

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