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"It's not just the RUF boys. The Nigerians have taken over. In Liberia, there are also a lot of ex-ECOMOG Nigerians about" - I assume that should be 2,000 in Monrovia - "that are involved in nefarious activities.

Taylor speculated that the RUF might be getting arms or stealing them from these Nigerians or from Guineans. Problems with smuggling from Guinea got so bad that Liberia had at one point closed the border between the two countries. But the only hypothesis anybody seems willing to investigate is that guns are arriving through Robertsfield. What about Guinea? What about Cote d'Ivoire? Instead, everybody just keep saying Robertsfield. 'Say something repeatedly and it eventually takes on the air of fact,' said Taylor.

Taylor said, 'Liberia does not have any tanks, much less Nigerian tanks, despite rumours to the contrary.' 'Using serial numbers,' Taylor said, 'we ought to be able to trace or locate tanks stolen from the Nigerians.'

Hostage release - I'll do my best, but I don't control the RUF; talking about war crimes is not helpful.

Taylor said he can't guarantee the hostages will be freed, because the RUF are out of control. 'You'd have to take more than drugs to take on the UN.' Kabbah knows that Taylor and Sankoh have not been getting along for a while. Sankoh himself said Taylor had called Sam Bockarie to Liberia to join forces against Sankoh. Speaking of Sankoh, Taylor said, 'We had tough differences.'"

Had you, Mr Taylor?

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