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Very true. We were shocked. In fact, as we negotiated for the release of the hostages, we were there on pins and needles waiting for a response. Ambassador Bismarck Myrick, the US ambassador, called my Minister of State and said, "Some of the hostages are on the truck on their way right now, you can inform the President." And we say, but how did he get to know when we're sitting here waiting for the results. And we got to know later, actually, they had a dedicated - what they call a dedicated line of satellite imagery at the time and focused on the movement of the hostages. So they got to know before - so I'm saying to them, "Well, if you have this kind of" - which we know they had that kind of thing - "you should be able to tell us more." But they told us, from the minute the hostages boarded the trucks, the United States ambassador called and informed the government that, yes, they are actually moving.

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