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Very well. Let's not delay on that:

"Later in the meeting Jackson referred to an op-ed piece published by United States Senator Gregg which said that the Government of Liberia should be overthrown. This article had come up during the first session of the afternoon. Taylor recognised that it had not been said on the floor of the Senate and that, in any event, a Senator's remarks do not express US foreign policy, but he questioned why the State Department had not chosen to say that Gregg's remarks did not reflect the administration's policy towards Liberia.

In a quick aside, referring to a news report, Taylor noted that a resolution to increase UNAMSIL to 13,000 troops had just been introduced in the UNSC, UN Security Council, about five minutes ago. He then veered back to the topic: Deal with us directly. Hit me on these issues. Don't talk to me through the State Department's spokesman. We need to talk directly.

Guns, diamonds, support to the RUF - rumours and misinterpretation (and Taylor says his hands are clean).

On gun-running, Taylor said the US should be able to tell what's really going on because it has satellites beaming down on Liberia and Sierra Leone. A recent incident supports this notion. The other day, there were trucks transporting hostages to the border to hand them over. Taylor alleged that Ambassador Myrick had called and said there were hostages on their way and Taylor assumed this was based on satellite images. Taylor further alleged that the satellites showed that the Sierra Leonean Army has Nigerian tanks."

Mr Taylor, is that true?

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