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"2. Another key demand of US Security Council resolution 1408 is for Liberia to submit its maritime and forestry programmes to an international audit. Initially, the United States State Department tried to coerce the Liberian government to use a hand-picked audit firm, the Crown Agents. The Liberian government opted for the internationally recognised open bidding system to select an audit firm. The US government, the European Union and other local and international representatives were present when Deloitte and Touche were selected in a transparent process from among three reputable companies that had submitted bids. No sooner had Deloitte and Touche begun their work, than the US swept the rug from under our feet again and pressured the company from New York and London to 'drop the Liberian account'. It is true, as Ambassador Blaney has stated in a recent press statement, that 'the United States did not stop this firm from contracting with the Government of Liberia', because they were present for the signing ceremony. But he cannot deny the fact that the US did pressure the firm to drop the Liberian account after the contract was signed."

Again, is that true?

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