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"US-backed sanctions against liberia.

Having complied with the provisions of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1343 that brought sanctions against Liberia, and despite the fact that Sierra Leone has returned to peace and stability with the demobilisation of the RUF and the holding of democratic elections, the United States government is still pressing for the continuation of sanctions against Liberia. Two instances attest to this fact:

1. The High Diamond Council: Following strenuous efforts by the Liberian government to apply the Kimberly Process to put into place a certification regime for the export of Liberia's rough diamonds, one of the key demands of the US Security Council resolution, United States pressures have succeeded in scuttling the process. Officials of the High Diamond Council were told in no uncertain terms by US officials in Brussels and Switzerland to frustrate Liberia's efforts to become compliant."

Is that true?

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