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"Hassan Bility and other prisoners of war.

The Liberian government was quite amazed by the local and global pressures that the US embassy mounted to stifle due process in the case of Hassan Bility and his co-conspirators and to secure their release. The government tried all along to protect the fact of Hassan Bility's connections to the embassy and the frantic secret negotiations that embassy officials were making to quietly slip him and a few of his co-conspirators out of the country. But the Government of Liberia was forced to go public with these behind the scene arrangements when Ambassador Blaney erroneously referred to Bility as a political prisoner and continues to state erroneously that he had been tortured during his incarceration.

Even more baffling is the fact that while the Liberian government has aligned with the United States and its allies in the global fight against terrorism, the US government has shown unusual interest in airlifting Hassan Bility, who was arrested for associating with a terrorist organisation, LURD, and operating a terrorist cell on their behalf in Monrovia."

Pause. Now Bility had been released and airlifted out of the country in December 2002. Is that right?

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