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By 2003 we are - we are trying to resist LURD, but things go a little bad because MODEL begins to develop strength and MODEL attacks the southeastern part of Liberia, so now we are confronted with combat on both sides. By this time, the United States succeeds in bringing about an embargo on the export - for the first time, an economic embargo on Liberia through a Security Council resolution placing a ban on the export of Liberian timber.

So here we have, first they start of first with an embargo. They push through a Security Council resolution. And, you know, the issue of diamonds now is front and centre. While there's no evidence, resolutions are flying through, and we know who are drafting these resolutions because all of the resolutions on Sierra Leone or regarding Sierra Leone are drafted by the British. And these resolutions, for the purpose of the wider public that is listening to this, people must know Security Council resolutions, I mean, are drafted. They are proffered. And who wastes time reading all the fine prints?

So there's an embargo on diamonds, Liberian diamonds. There's an embargo on the sale of Liberian timber. So what they do, they hamstring the country. We are - all the those areas economically that we can obtain income for the Liberian people are stopped. So we are just at a point where we cannot move and then MODEL moves in to the southeast and we are just stuck. We can't move.

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