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No. Never. Never. No. No. Not at all. No. The conflict with LURD was simply - I can attribute the conflict with LURD and MODEL to the same development of World War II. World War II started as a result of unfinished business from World War I, as simple as that, from all events in history. The war with LURD and MODEL was just what? Unfinished business that led me to the presidency where the Krahn felt that they were unjustly - that I unjustly took power. And the death of Samuel Doe, that was just to finish what was not finished before the elections. So, I mean, that's why I equate it with the circumstances regarding the development of World War II. We don't want to get into the history of that, of who took what part of what country and Britain deciding that they would back one side. That's not the case here, but I'm just trying to say that there's some similarities to that.

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