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Yes. But I think, you know, in all fairness, we need to explain what we were talking about at this time. Let's be reminded that Kamajors recruit from Liberia from ULIMO-J and ULIMO-K. They organise and go with the assistance of - we've seen all the reports of everybody, of ECOMOG. So when we say here that the Kamajors fighting, we are talking about ULIMO-J, ULIMO-K and some of their Sierra Leonean friends that they have obtained that come along.

I tell you, the way how these boys fight, it's almost like a joyride for some of these kids that carry all this stuff. ULIMO-J and K fighting in Liberia, Sierra Leoneans say, "Oh, you are my friend. You're fighting. I'll go with you today," and they go. So that's what we're talking about. It's a combination of the three.

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