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Well, because of the intensification of the war out of - by MODEL coming into an area in Grand Gedeh County - in fact, specifically an area called Toe Town, that's spelt T-O-E, Toe Town - Gbagbo and I had gone through several exchanges of telephone conversations and he had said that he had no knowledge and did not support them, but because of the intensification their developed some little tension. I was claiming that he should do whatever he can and he was saying that he was doing whatever he could.

We also had a situation where there were Liberians that were fighting in the Ivorian civil war and Gbagbo was telling me, 'Well, listen, there are Liberians on this side. I don't believe that you are responsible, just as there are Liberians coming out of here fighting in your country. So what we ought to do is not accuse each other, but let's get together." And, finally, he and I get together in 2003 in Togo and settle it. So that's what I mean by "we". None of us had any specific evidence that the Head of State was involved, but we do know some of these things happen at the bottom and you really do not know. Because of tribal and ethnic connections, people do things.

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