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Well, it was very clear to my government that these two nations were embarked on the process of regime change in Liberia. It was very clear. Several diplomatic sources had mentioned it to us and they were very consistent about the activities. Several things had happened. We had direct sanctions that had been promulgated by both countries. We also had in place - while other members - I would say at least three other members of the Security Council were sympathetic to the plight of the Liberian people in trying to obtain arms, Britain and the United States objected to any lifting of the embargo for legitimate self-defence leading us in 2002 to write and inform the council that we would, in fact, bring arms and stating that we would be prepared to legally argue the point that the Security Council had no right under the charter of the United Nations to deny a nation - a member state legitimate self-defence. So we were of the opinion that regime change was underway.

Remember, in documents exhibited before this Court, I sent my - I sent envoys to the British foreign office. We made points. We sent many delegations to the United States. We met with US diplomats, their envoys. Both Under-Secretary of State Pickering came to Liberia, Jesse Jackson came to Liberia. Everything, all of our promises, all of the work that we did, they appeared to pooh-pooh the entire idea of listening to us. That's P-O-O-H, P-O-O-H. So, you know, it was just a disastrous situation and it was real clear to us that regime change was the motive.

A third incident that I very rarely like to mention, but I will, an individual - a major evangelist in the United States, Pat Robertson, is well-known, the PTL Club 700, I think it is, who was involved in a little adventure in Liberia volunteered to speak to top administration officials in the United States. He met with George Bush. And following the meeting with George Bush, I got a message from Pat Robertson. He said, "The only thing I can advise you to do, Mr President, is appeal to God," he said, "because what I'm hearing from George Bush, there's nothing that you can do about what America intends to do." And then Liberia - we then launched the famous religious programme in Liberia called Liberia for Jesus. And it was very clear, nothing that we said made any difference.

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