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Well, the Sierra Leonean end, and I have specifically stated, that's going into late 2002, 2003, I did not raise this substantively with President Kabbah, but Conte and I met twice to discuss the LURD situation. Once with Obasanjo in Nigeria where Obasanjo sat with Conte and myself and Conte denied that there was any support from him. We knew that in fact the United States government was supplying the munitions to Guinea. The United States government had not denied that. We confronted directly the United States government. They admitted that they were giving supplies to the Guinean government. They were also - there were United States Marines training Guinean elements at that time. They said, "Yes, we are training them. We are training Guinean regulars. We are giving them arms and ammunition. We cannot ascertain that they are sending it into Liberia. Under arrangements with them they are not supposed to do so, but we can't be sure they are doing it." What a cop out.

The second encounter that I had with President Conte on this issue of supplies was in Morocco. Mohammed VI of Morocco met Lansana Conte. Mohammed IV, presently King of Morocco, and I sat along with Tejani Kabbah. The four of us met and had a discussion about this situation with Guinea supplying material and Conte again denied that this was done. So, yes, on those two occasions we did meet.

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