The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

Well, you know, remember one thing that has been lost is that my government negotiated the peace in Liberia. I didn't just - as Security Council resolution 1688 states and I think it is quite disingenuous to have stated it that way, that I fled Liberia. I didn't flee Liberia. I left Liberia with a normal transfer of power and agreement. But we negotiated the agreement and most of the officials that were left - there were three parties in fact to that agreement: LURD; MODEL; and the Government of Liberia, my government. So most of the officials that were left during the brief two months of the Moses Blah presidency were all officials of my government. There were very little changes, the military people and all. And following my departure when LURD came in, all the LURD and MODEL generals adopted my senior general, General Roland Duoh as the overall commander of all of the combatants, LURD, MODEL and government forces, so that mingling of - and discussions amongst soldiers just out of combat brought out all of the unexpected and all of the unknown.

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