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Sierra Leone. Before it started with Guinea, by 2002/2003 LURD had captured Cape Mount County and part of Bomi holding the road - this famous road across the Mano River bridge. And so now we have direct supplies coming in from Sierra Leone.

We also received reports - in fact at the beginning of 2003 in a document disclosed to this Court a few days ago, it was mentioned that in fact the United States did send a peacekeeping force to Liberia in late - well, I would say about the beginning of 2003 some 5,000 United States Marines, helicopters and an entire flotilla had been sent and we were receiving information that they were supplying LURD. I have no evidence of this. This is information that our security forces were saying, because US helicopters were flying from on board the ships into Virginia where I'm talking. Virginia, to remind the Court, Virginia is - we mentioned that in line with Ricks Institute where the Kamajors were put together back in 1997, even as mentioned in even the House of Commons report about Sandlines is conducting operation out of Liberia. That's what Virginia has to do with that.

We have reports that helicopters are flying into Monrovia supplying LURD with ammunition. Now, like I said, this is all information, but following my departure from Monrovia some of the LURD commanders admit that they did receive some assistance. But we had no capacity at that time, and this is what really, really - we had been boxed in. The President of the United States George Bush had made a speech before the African diplomatic corps in Washington DC and had said that Charles Taylor must leave. So the whole essence of regime change had taken roots with the sending of the 5,000 plus United States Marines to Monrovia and so we had no way of resisting this onslaught and so that brought an end to my Presidency.

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