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Oh, LURD had attacked the city of Monrovia at least twice. By 2002 they were on the outskirts of the city of Monrovia around the town of Virginia. That's about I would say just about 3 or 4 kilometres outside of the city. Total chaos. Most of the ministries and agencies had closed, there were bombardments of - in fact long-range mortar shellings of the city. In fact by then the BBC had done several reports, the New York Times was involved in reporting, our own Ministry of Information. There were a series of things going on. The international community had intervened in a way. That led me in 2003 to a meeting in Ghana where I volunteered to step down if it brought peace, but we had near anarchy by this time. Hundreds of thousands of our people had fled city. The United States embassy compound at Greystone had been shelled and several hundred people were injured, some killed. We had a terrible situation during this period.

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