The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

Mr Taylor, if we take the amount that is in these summaries from the LBDI documents, what we have in total for nine months, from December '99 to December 2000, I'm putting it to you, $10,842,268.93 was deposited into this account. Let me just complete the question. Then we have three additional deposits we've gone through this afternoon during your testimony: 4 December, 10 January 2001 and 19 April 2001. They, in total, are $3,650,000, for a grand total, from December '99 to April 2001, of $14,492,268.93, once more the number: $14,492,268.93. Sir, all of this money was deposited into an account, LBDI account, in the name of Charles G Taylor, correct?

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