The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

Mr Taylor, if we now go behind tab 13. And just so no one is deceived, this is simply a spreadsheet that I created totalling figures from other pages. Let me explain where the figures come from. If we look at the monthly summaries which are complete in tab 10 and in tab 5 has some of them, but tab 10, you'll see the first seven entries, where I got these figures from. These figures are taken from the credit amounts for the months from these monthly summaries. So $917,243 for December '99; $6,905,500 for March 2000; $1,393 for May 2000; $25,000 for June 2000; $1,999,975 for July 2000; $493,250 for August; and half a million dollars for September. The total for those nine months, Mr Taylor, $10,842,268.93.

If we then add the three transactions that we --

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