The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

That's not what I said. During the crisis in December 1999, the legislature about that time or thereabouts passed a bill authorising the President of Liberia to use, in the exact words of the Legislature, "any and all means to make sure the republic was protected". We had had two attacks from LURD and LURD was penetrating the country deeply. We had an arms embargo on us we could not get around. The legislature told me to use any and all means. I did, and I reported to the appropriate people what was going on. Through that in 2001 I'm telling the world we bought arms. This was not personal. It was not my personal account. If it had been, I would not have permitted another government official to sign it that's not my wife or my lover or nothing. This is official. Now, we may have all of our different interpretations, but it remains the fact of the matter it was not a personal account of Charles Taylor.

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