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I asked you:

"Q. After you became President did you receive any further

assistance - money from Taiwan?

A. Personally no, but the government yes. And, by the

way, Taiwan even before I became President had diplomatic

recognition with the Republic of Liberia even before I

became President.

Q. They probably paid money to President Doe for that,


A. I don't know. I can't comment on that. I don't know.

Q. But after you became President you received no further


A. Personally, no.

Q. Well, that begs the next question: Did your government

receive funds from Taiwan after you became President?

A. That is correct, yes.

Q. What did your government receive?

A. The Government of Liberia received an annual grant of

$10 million.

Q. How did you receive that money? Was it --

A. It came into the Government of Liberia the normal way

all other revenues came.

Q. Was it through some type of bank transaction?

A. They were bank transactions.

Q. Into what entity of the government?

A. Into the financial structure.

Q. Did the embassy of Taiwan hand you $10 million cash or

how did the money come --

A. No, it was done through a bank transfer. Nobody - they

didn't deal with no cash. It was done through a bank


Q. What account would have received that money?

A. I don't know how the Central Bank handled it but it

came through the government normal systems.

Q. So there was a bank account at the Central Bank for

government revenue?

A. All government revenue of the Republic of Liberia were

deposited at the Central Bank. I don't know how it worked

internally but --"

Then I went on to ask you about the million dollars received before becoming President. So, Mr Taylor, you previously told this Court that all government revenue including that received from Taiwan since you were President came through the normal government structure, through the Central Bank. Why are you telling - why didn't you tell us on 26 November about money in this account at LBDI?

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